it was our first date, if you can call it that.
we did things a bit backwards,
so we had already talked marriage but hadn't gone out yet.
(whatever "out" means)

so there we are, sitting at a little cafe in Queenstown,
five days after meeting each other,
knowing marriage is ahead,
trying to figure out what is now.

i tried to scare him.
silly, i know.
trying to scare a guy who flew across the world
to meet a stranger
and tell her he is going to marry her.
but i though i'd try.

"so, you know.
i want kids.
right away." i say


"i'm ready.
i mean, not today.
but when the time comes,
when we...
get married.
i think,
it goes together-
getting married and having children."

"me too."

that was all he said.

my love,
father of my sweet cherub

here's to the man who, in the last three weeks, has:
soothed a sleepy baby with lullabies,
mastered a leak-proof prefold cloth diaper roll,
given countless kisses and snuggles,
napped a many afternoons (and evenings) with a warm little body on top of him,
delivered countless forgotten burp cloths to a very forgetful mama,
sucked boogies out of the tiniest nostrils,
caught our sweet baby in the water as she was birthed,
and created many sacred moments with our Letta

we love you, papa.

mama & baby letta