Second & Third Month

Dear Letta,


No more a newborn but, my, are you  
d a r l i n g

you're a little busy girl
exploring with your eyes.
I can only imagine how you see the world.

Your eyes melt me when you look at me while you nurse.
Your soft coos have become more chatty...
I love our afternoon chats!
You beam.
And now half giggles too.

Your hands grab at my hair, shirt, and boobs.
You know exactly how to get your fist in your mouth and you chomp on your hands,
fingers, or somewhere in between.

Tummy time is becoming a daily staple.
You're very close to touching the wooden ring we've hung for you.
You still love being carried in a sling.
You know papa's voice.
We learned to never eat coffee ice cream. ever. again

You've officially grown out of your newborn cloth diapers.
Mama is going to store them in a nice little box for your future pal.

everyday, I see something different and new in you.
aaaaand i fall madly in love over and over.
your papa feels the same way.
everynight, he looks at you while you sleep and I hear him
"I love her"


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